The dawn of the first idol group from AVEX ”SUPER☆GiRLS”

Another massive idol group will make their debut this August at a-nation. You read that a-nation, meaning it’s an Avex idol group that they say will rival the top idol group, AKB48.

Who is this group you ask? A group of 12 young teenagers who call themselves “SUPER☆GiRLS”. On June 12, Avex held its final round of “Avex Idol Audition 2010” at Nakano Sun Plaza. Since Avex was first established this was their first ever idol audition. Seven thousand girl’s auditioned, 24 hopefuls, and only 12 were chosen to take on the task of outshining super idol group AKB48.

The 12 members are: Saori Yasaka (21), Kaede Kano (17), Eri Akita (17), Rika Shimura (17), Rina Miyazaki (16), Hikaru Watanabe (16), Reira Arai (15), Rino Katsuta (15), Mirei Tanaka (13), Ruka Mizote (13), Aya Goto (13) and Ami Maeshima (12).

Their first single “Be with you” will have three songs and they will perform at a-nation on August 7. It looks like Avex will be joining Hello! Project and Sony Music in the ranks of having huge idol groups. Will they go the route of ever changing members or will they keep their line-up?


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