Yamashita Tomohisa relieves fans’ fear

Yamashita Tomohisa visited “Johnny’s Family Club” (JFC) on June 9th to record a video message for the promotion of his new boxing movie, “Tomorrow’s Joe.”

Since his appearance was announced, JFC was filled beyond capacity with fans.

A fan said “I was scared that NEWS hasn’t done any activities as a group since March.”

That is certainly true, although each member has been active, their last appearance as a group was in March.  Also there has been no concerts
after their winter tour in 2009.

But, Yamapi relieved fans’ fears by telling them.
“I cherish NEWS, so please trust and wait for us. We will never do anything to betray you.”

On the same day, Yamapi made a blog entry saying…
“I was able to see fans after a long time. I was encouraged that there were many …

Source: Tokyohive

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