GACKT to Release First Single Collection in Six Years!

It has been announced that on July 21st GACKT is going to release his second single collection titled “THE ELEVENTH DAY -SINGLECOLLECTION-”

It has been 11 years since GACKT started his solo activities with his album “Mizerable” in 1999. Since then all of his released singles have made it into the top 10 of ORICON charts and he is not only active with music, but also movies, doramas, stage plays, and a voice actor. With this he steadily keeps broadening his potentials in each of these fields.

Six years have passed since the 2004 release single collection “THE SIXTH DAY -SINGLE COLLECTION-“, when he will be releasing his new record “THE ELEVENTH DAY -SINGLECOLLECTION-” on July 21st. From “Kimi ni Aitakute” over “RETURNER -Yami no Shuen-“, which was his first single to reach the top position within the ORICON charts, to the 2009 release “FLOWER” a total of 15 song can be found on this record.

Release date: 2010/7/21
CRCP-40277 ¥3000(tax in)

s: musicjapanplus

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