Nichkhun encounters 3 women before finding Victoria on We Got Married

After a long wait, Nichkhun and Victoria’s We Got Married adventure finally aired on June 26th.

Yesterday, we reported the secret code mission that Nichkhun had to go through before finding his wife.

While on a designated bus, he meets Kim Na Young who tries to hoodwink him into believing she was his make-believe wife. But eventually, her ruse fell through and her task was simply to hand Nichkhun the mission envelope.

His mission was to head over to the 63 Building and to ask someone “What’s your favourite food?” and the answer would be his favourite food, “Sam-gup-sal“, with the person answering that being his make-believe wife.

Before leaving, Kim Na Young asked Nichkhun about his ideal type. He then threw up names like Yoona of SNSD, Eunjung of T-ara and f(x)’s Victoria. Could it be fate? There was a Victoria advertisement plastered right on the bus!

As he reached 63 Building, he was directed to take the elevator which stopped at the 40th floor and it was Eunjung who stood right before him. She started dancing to Heartbeat and Nichkhun returned the favor by dancing to I Go Crazy Because of You. But she was not the one as she answered Sea pineapple as her favourite food.

He then reached the 45th floor where he encountered Sunhwa of Secret. Unfortunately, she wasn’t the one either as she answered Samgyetang instead.

Eventually he landed on the 50th floor and Victoria appeared where she answered Sam-gup-sal, confirming their union as the new We Got Married couple as they begin their first date at the observation deck without any awkwardness.


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