Tokyo Jihen bring their dramatic tone to television

Japanese jazz/rock group, Tokyo Jihen, has been selected to sing the theme song to the new police drama “Atami no Sousakan.” The band was chosen to create the theme due to the immense popularity of Shiina Ringo with the staff. Tokyo Jihen’s song will be called “Tengoku he Youkoso” and is described as perfectly fitting the drama and tension of the television program.
The song will be available starting July 21st on Chaku-Uta, a popular music download service for cellphones. A week later on July 28th it will be available for download for computers, but there is no CD release planned for the song, so fans will only be left with these two choices for getting the full version.
The drama itself will be directed by Satoshi Miki and will star Joe Odagiri as the male detective. Chiaki Kuriyama has been cast as friend and female partner. In the drama, Odagiri and Kuriyama will team up to uncover the mystery behind a disappearing bus and its four school girl passengers.

s: jpoparashi

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