Buono! brings you all the best

Girl idol group Buono! will be releasing “The Best Buono!” collection on August 10th. This will be the first best album for the group and will be available in a deluxe three disc collection and regular single disc edition.

The first disc of the limited edition will bring together all the hit singles from their three years in Hello!Project, while disc two will be a b-side collection called “Ura Buono.” The third disc will be a DVD that contains a making of video for the best album photo shoot and will include special unpublished photos. The regular edition of the best album will only contain the first disc with the singles collection.

The Hello!Project unit, made of Momoko Tsugunaga and Miyabi Natsuyaki from Berryz Koubou plus Airi Suzuki from C-ute, has been active since 2007 and the best album will give new fans a chance to discover their catchy pop music. The album release will also coincide with the Buono! live tour, Rockin’ Buono! 3, which will take them to Osaka, Kanagawa, and Aichi prefectures.

s: tokyohive

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