Sandara Park’s dancer transformation in Taeyang’s NEW MUSIC VIDEO.

Sandara Park has suddenly transformed into a dancer for Taeyang.

Sandara Park had been filming Taeyang’s music video for his first title song ‘I Need A Girl’ from the July 5th to the wee hours of the morning on 6th.

Sandara Park and Taeyang had already filmed the video for ‘I Need A Girl’ at the end of last month. The fan response for the limited edition album released on the first of this month was so great that to commemorate the release of the regular edition, they are filming a new music video.

YG Entertainment representatives have revealed to MoneyToday’s StarNews, (T/N: Korean news website) “During the first music video for ‘I Need A Girl,’ Sandara Park acted as Taeyang’s girlfriend but this time, she will be a dancer instead, showing off a cool dance with him.”

“Taeyang didn’t dance in the last video, so this time he will present a dynamic and sensitive dance with Sandara Park,” he added.

Taeyang’s limited edition version of his album sold out on the first day. On the 9th, Taeyang’s regular edition album will be released


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