GLAY to release their first album from their own label

GLAY has announced that they will release their first album, “GLAY“, from their own label “loversoul music & associates” on October 13th.

It has been a whole three years since their last album, “LOVE IS BEAUTIFUL”, on January 2007.

Below is the track list:
1. Shikina
2. Yogorenaki SEASON
4. Haruka…
5. Apologize
6. Tsuki no yoru ni
7. Kaze ni hitori
8. Precious
9. Satellite of love
10. Chelsea

-Live video of “Otoko Night” on July 30th (Boys limited live concert)
-Short anime film “Je t’aime” (“Satellite of love” was the theme song for this anime film)

Source: GLAY official website
Credits to Shiso

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