SDN48 to debut as major group

Sister unit of AKB48SDN48, has announced they will debut under Universal Record in the fall.  SDN48stands for SaturDay Night 48, and all the members are 20 years old or older.  SDN48 is meant as an “adult version” of AKB48, and fans under 18 years old can not attend to their performances.

Before they release their first single, they are currently holding an “SDN48 General election” on their TV show “Suppon no onnatachi”, and 12 members out of the 37 who are chosen in the election will be able to participate in their debut single.

The way of the election goes is:

1. Popularity poll on the TV show “Suppon no onnatachi” through TV Asahi’s mobile site (currently holding the 5th popularity poll: July 28th ~August 10th)
2. Number of each members’ pictures downloaded (paid) through TV Asahi’s mobile site
3. Reference number of each members’ official blog

The final day of the election will be on September 4th.

Source: TV asahi news, tokyohive

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