Kanjani8 releases new album + group movie

Kanjani8 announced in a press conference yesterday that they will be releasing a new album that will feature a 77 minute movie. The album will carry the title “8UPPERS” (PacchiUPPERS) and is scheduled to be released on October 20.

As expected, it will be the limited edition that will come with the movie DVD. This will be the first time the group stars in a movie together where they portray characters who are within the gangster community. The story will mainly focus on repairing the relationship with a particular family, and as they portray characters from the underground, we can also expect some action. This movie will also be shown in 50 TOHO Cinema screens across Japan on October 20.

Kanjani8 member Maruyama Ryuhei (26) said in the press conference that the movie will show a side of the group that has not been seen before. Being the funny comedic group, it sure is difficult to imagine them playing gangsters. Another member, Nishikido Ryo (25), said that he’s confident that their album will be a success, as it also includes their two newest singles. “Fans can enjoy listening to these songs without relying on the PVs”, he said.

Source: MomoEdgewood


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