KinKi Kids to hold a concert tour in December

apanese duo, KinKi Kids announced that they’ll hold a Japanese tour titled “KinKi Kids Concert Tour 2010-2011″ on their Johnny’s official website earlier today.

The tour will begin on December 8th and will be held in four different locations, Fukuoka, Hokkaido, Tokyo and Osaka. The tickets are priced at 7500 yen, which is approximately $89.

KinKi Kids Concert Tour 2010-2011 Information:

Marine Messe Fukuoka
12/08/2010 (Wed) 18:30
12/09/2010 (Thu) 18:30

Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center
12/18/2010 (Sat) 18:30
12/19/2010 (Sun) 16:00

Tokyo Dome
12/30/2010 (Thu) 17:30
12/31/2010 (Fri) 17:30
01/01/2011 (Sat) 17:30

Kyocera Dome – Osaka
01/08/2011 (Sat) 18:00
01/09/2011 (Sun) 18:00
01/10/2011 (Mon) 16:00

Credits to ayachu@tokohive

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