Personal Taste beat America’s famous dramas on Hulu streaming site

The drama “Personal Taste,” which features Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin as the main characters, beat America’s famous dramas “Lost” and “Grey’s Anatomy” in ranking at #5 on Hulu streaming site.

Last week on the 8th, Personal Taste was ranked #8, but after only two days, the drama went up to #5 in ranking. is an American streaming site where TV shows and dramas are uploaded for streaming. Fox TV, ABC, and MSMBC upload their shows and videos onto the website as well, and receive many viewers from Hulu streaming site.

If you visit’s forum, they are showing interest in Lee Min Ho. He gained more popularity from “Boys Over Flowers” to “Personal Taste.”

American fans commented at the forum, “I fell in love with Lee Min Ho,” “16 hours of my life just ended,” “This drama has appropriate comedy and strong emotions as well.” This showed their hot reactions toward the drama. Some fans also wrote, “Lee Min Ho took off his shoes. That’s Korea’s tradition. It doesn’t look corny at all,” and “The house that Min Ho lived in was Korea’s traditional house” which showed their interest in Korean culture.

On the other hand, this streaming site also has “Pasta,” “Iris,” “My Name is Kim Sam Soon,” and many other popular Korean dramas as well.

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Translated By: Solly @ Lee Min Ho’s World


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