Akanishi schedules three concerts at Saitama Super Arena

Former KAT-TUN member Jin Akanishi (26) is currently on tour in the United States, but he already has some big concerts planned upon his return to Japan. On January 14-16, he will hold three consecutive shows at the Saitama Super Arena.

Akanishi made his solo debut in the U.S. with three concerts in Los Angeles this past June. Aiming to expand his international activities, he later scheduled his current “Yellow Gold” tour, which started in Chicago on November 7 and ends in New York on November 21.

As his main fan base is still located primarily in Japan, Akanishi has stated before that he hopes to use Japan as his base while he works on building his audience overseas. It was revealed last month that he plans to make his solo CD debut (not counting “BANDAGE”) with a simultaneous release in Japan and the U.S. That single is expected to come out in early 2011, possibly timed to coincide with his Saitama Super Arena concerts.




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    ur xo gwapo

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