Saki Fukuda, Yuya Matsushita co-star in “Quartet”

Actress Saki Fukuda (20) has been chosen to lead a drama series on TBS and MBS titled “Quartet.” The drama is based on a hardboiled crime/action story by author Arimasa Osawa, who wrote the popular “Shinjuku Shark” novel series.

Fukuda will be taking on a role unlike her previous characters. She plays the part of Shun, a descendant of a “zanryu-koji” (a Japanese orphan left behind in China at the end of World War II). Now living as an illegal resident in the fictional city of Midori, she is one of three young people helping police in undercover investigations. Fukuda will be wearing a full-body tattoo for this serious action drama, which includes heavy topics such as bootlegs drugs being tested on people, and people treating others as slaves. Fukuda is also learning some Chinese for the part.

Fukuda’s co-star is singer and actor Yuya Matsushita (20), who will play the rough and reckless Takeru. Although he has acted in a few films and stage productions, this is his first appearance in a television drama. He has also been tapped to provide the show’s theme song “paradise,” which involves producer Kiyoshi Matsuo and songwriter Jin Nakamura.

TBS and MBS will broadcast “Quartet” in a late-night time slot, starting in January.


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  1. #1 by hendun on March 22, 2012 - 9:30 am

    What is Fukuda girlfriend Yuya Matsushita?

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