For Barbie Hsu, marriage has always been her final goal

IT WAS an engagement that left many people bewildered.

Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu, 34, got engaged to 29-year-old Chinese businessman and restaurant empire heir Wang Xiaofei, after dating for him for less than two months.

The lovebirds kept such a low profile that their parents didn’t even know about their impending nuptials.

Mr Wang said that ‘destiny has arrived’.

According to the Beijing fortune-telling circle, Hsu and Mr Wang are a good match.

But how is it that two people can get engaged after only four dates?

And why did they register their marriage after just 49 days of dating?

Rumours abound that Hsu is pregnant.

Could this be true?

And why have Hsu and Mr Wang’s parents not met one another?

All these questions have not been answered by the couple, and there are various theories floating around on how and why they got together.

Since Hsu’s debut in the entertainment industry, she has had four boyfriends and they are all very different individuals.

However, there are similarities too – they are all cool, handsome, suave and beautiful.

Hsu’s unabashed attraction to younger men is reminiscent of a queen who does as she pleases.

So it’s not out-of-character for her to rush into her union with Mr Wang.

Two of the four men she dated are Taiwanese actors Blue Lan and Vic Chou.

Lan is suave, doesn’t say much and is rather secretive by nature.

Chou is a typical pretty boy while Mr Wang is handsome, romantic and rich.

The differences among the men she dated makes it impossible to tell exactly what kind of men Hsu particularly favours.

Hsu’s mother has said: ‘With each of the men that she has dated before, she had gone into the relationship with marriage in mind.’

And Hsu’s younger sister, Dee Hsu, has said: ‘My sister has been dreaming of getting married for a long time.

‘She wants a romantic and sweet marriage.’

No difference

All of this goes to show that Hsu doesn’t care whether her boyfriends are richer or more famous than she is.

And once she falls in love, she will sacrifice everything for love.

Hsu is hailed as a queen of the fashion world.

In Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, she is treated like royalty.

But when she’s with her boyfriends, she throws this status to the wind and bends over backwards to take care of them.

For example, when she was in a relationship with Lan, she didn’t mind the fact that Lan was not as famous as she was.

But she had no regrets about being with a less successful guy and it was said that she wanted to marry him.

Apparently, her over-protective manner had stifled him and he walked out on her in the end.

As for Chou, her relationship with him was exposed when he was in a car accident.

Hsu had shown up soon after Chou’s accident, showing her protective nature, she being the stronger party in the relationship.

But finally, with Mr Wang, it appears that she has let herself be the passive one in the relationship even though, age-wise, she’s the cougar.

The few times that she has been photographed at the Beijing and Shanghai airports with him, she just stuck closely to Mr Wang and followed his lead.

It certainly looks like for the first time, her partner is the more loving one.

source: The New Paper


  1. #1 by PIA on January 22, 2011 - 6:28 am

    ok i almost understand ms hsu, she wanted a guy who will stand for her no matter what.
    I really really wish both of you the best.

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