The news of After School participating in Amuro Namie‘s new album has been gaining a lot of attention.

Amuro Namie’s list of best collaboration was revealed on the 17th and on that list, After School was the only Kpop artist that was listed.

Amuro Namie is currently organizing the list of artists that will be featured on this new album. On this album, AI&Anna Tsuchiya, After School, Kawabata Kaname, Yamashita Tomohisa and many other artists will be collaborating with her.

Regarding this collaboration, Pledis Entertainment said,

“Amuro Namie showed interest in After School before and this collaboration was possible because of her offer and recently, they finished filming a music video with her. They collaborated on the song ‘Make It Happen’ where it has a strong pop and the lyrics tempts the listeners into a dream world.”

People of interest expressed their excitement by saying,

“A meeting between After School and Amuro Namie, this is an international news,” “This is mind blowing news that they’re able to work with a Japanese top star,” “I hope that they’ll make a ‘hallyu boom’ along with Girls’ Generation and Kara.”

On the other hand, After School’s collaboration with Amuro Namie will be contain new songs along with 7 music videos and they’re planning on releasing it on March 23rd.

source: hellokpop



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