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SM Town 2010 World Tour To End In Japan

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2010 Dream Concert Performance Photos

Despite not having two heavyweights in TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki and Big Bang, this year’s Dream Concert was a great show. The concert was held at the Seoul World Cup stadium and more than 40,000 strong were in attendance.

This year’s concert had some rain early on but that didn’t dampen the spirits of the fans. The artists that performed: 2PM, SS501, Wonder Girls, Super Junior, Kara, SNSD / Girls’ Generation, CNBLUE, MBLAQ, BEAST, ZE:A, f(x), SHINee, T-ara, Rain, Lee Hyori, After School, F. Cuz, Rainbow, Davichi, U-kiss and 4-minute. Check out some of the performance photos below.

MC’s for the night: Taecyeon, Heechul and Shin Se Kyung:

2PM – there’s reports that there were loud chants of Park Jaebeom during their performances

Wonder Girls:

SNSD / Girls’ Generation:

Super Junior:

SS501 performing despite Kim Hyun Joong’s injury. Also T-ara, 4minute and Rain:


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Girlgroup debuts! Plus comeback by WonderGirls, f(x) and 4Minute in April~May

The domination of the girl groups as seen by So Nyeo Shi Dae, T-ara and KARA in February and March will continue. We recently see that After School is back with the new song ‘Bang!’, and Secret with song ‘Magic’ – much to the anticipation of fans.

In mid-April, we will be expecting a new album from SM Entertainment new girlgroup f(x). Later the month, we will also be seeing a new album from another girlgroup LPG.

And coming mid-May, we will also be seeing the comeback of girlgroups like WonderGirls and 4Minute. It is known that 4Minute is currently working on their new album with the aim of a comeback album in May. While the WonderGirls will also be having their comeback in Korea with new member HyeRim. They have been away for some time with their promotions in the States. It has been known that their new song and choreography is completed.

Apart from that, we will be seeing the debut of new groups.

In mid-April, group SISTAR will debut with Bang ShiHyuk as their producer. And in May, 9-member girlgroup 나인뮤지스 will debut. The group will consists of Lee HyunJoo who came in #1 during the 2007 Asia Pacific Super Model Contest.

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Heechul made f(x)’s Sulli cry

f(x)’s Sulli made a confession recently about how Super Junior’s Heechul made her cry.

On a recent broadcast of SBS Power FM “Kim Heechul’s Young Street,” Sulli, along with SNSD’s Jessica and Super Junior’s Donghae made an appearance as guests.

Regarding Heechul’s first impression, Jessica responded, “In addition to being a person who believed he was all that, Heechul also had a very cold personality,” making Heechul flustered.
Additionally, Sulli said her first impression of Heechul was “weird.” She said, “He bothered me so much throughout the years. When I first met Heechul, I was only a 12 year old little girl, but he bothered me so I cried a lot.”

Meanwhile, Donghae

explained how he first met Heechul.

He expressed, “The management company informed me that a new trainee was coming from Kang Won Do so I was to retrieve him. I went with Yunho to get him, but throughout the entire trip I was so lazy that I kept complaining. However, when I got there I became polite and introduced myself.”

To these comments, the audience complimented about the radio show, “It was a fun show because it was honest,” and “After hearing from the guests, I feel closer to the radio DJ.” Heechul’s radio airs every night from 8 – 10pm.

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SHINee, f(x), and more for Hallyu Event in Japan

The old guard of the Hallyu movement (Korean Wave) including Bae Yong Joon, Lee Byung Hun, and Song Seung Hun have been very successful in Japan. The old guard is very popular with the older women in Japan, mainly housewives… However the wave hasn’t really resonated with the younger demographic in Japan. There’s TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki and Big Bang but their integration is more on the lines of blending in and being J-pop artists rather than relying on Hallyu.

To catch this lucrative market more entertainment companies in Korea are holding various events in Japan. To further capitalize on this, here’s an event that should get the teenagers excited. In April, SM Entertainment groups SHINee and f(x), Boys Over Flowers stars Kim Bum and Goo Hye Sun, along with T-Max will get together in Yokohama for two events targeted at the new generation. The first event is titled New Generation – Live in Yokohama – and will be held at the Pacifico Yokohama Hall on April 24th. The second event is titled Boys Over Flowers Last Event – Graduation – and will be held at the Pacifico Yokohama Hall on April 25th.

Event: New Generation -Live in YOKOHAMA-
Date: April 24, 2010 (Saturday) Open: 3:30 / Start: 5:00
Artists: SHINee, f(x), Ku Hyesun, Kim Bum, T-max
Place: Pacifico Yokohama Hall
Ticket Price: S seats: 10,500 Yen / A seats: 9,450 Yen / General seats: 8,400 Yen
Ticket Sale Date: February 17, 2010
Contents: Performer’s Concert
Time: Undecided (About 2 hours scheduled time)
Organizers: Interactive Media Mix, Inc. Group 8
Ticket Sale Site URL: 


Event: Hana Yori Dango Last Event – Graduation –
Date: April 25, 2010 (Sunday) Open: 3:30 / Start: 5:00
Artists: Ku Hyesun, Lee Minho, Kim Bum, Kim Jun, T-Max, SHINee
Place: Pacifico Yokohama Hall

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f(x) & M.I.C.‘s “Lollipop” track revealed!

f(x) and M.I.C. turned heads with their collaborative LG Lollipop CF last month, and the studio Lollipop track used in the endorsement has been released!

Apparently, this song is Marcan Entertainment‘s second collaboration with SM Entertainment (and second kpop work period); Marcan Ent was also the original publisher of SHINee‘s Get Down, which featured f(x) member Luna.

Definitely… definitely not a fan of the the chipmunk voice at the beginning, but like with f(x)’s other tracks, this one has grown on me. I absolutely love Big Bang/2NE1‘s version of Lollipop, this track has its own unique, f(x)-y feel to it. What do you think?



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