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SM Town 2010 World Tour To End In Japan

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So Nyeo Shi Dae goes ‘all kill’ on major Asian music charts with song ‘Oh!’

‘Girlgroup So Nyeo Shi Dae dominates the major Asian music charts.

A SM Ent rep has revealed that the song ‘Oh!’ by So Nyeo Shi Dae is up #1 on various charts in various Asian countries like Thailand, Taiwan and the Philippines.

The song is off the girls’ 2nd full length album released on 9th March in Thailand and it is up on the local B2S TOP20 and GRAM ASIAN POP TOP10 album charts, and also #1 for the 3rd consecutive week on Thailand MTV International Chart, Channel [V] Countdown Asian Chart.

Also the album was released on 12th March in Taiwan is up dominated album sales charts like G-MUSIC, FIVE MUSIC and Kuang nan as well as radio music charts like hit fm, iradio and KISS radio. The song is up #1 on online music chart KKBOX weekly single chart until the 4th week of March.

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In addition, the album which is released in the Philippines on 19th March is up doing very well on various album sales charts and music charts. This shows the great interests that Asian music fans have for the girls’ music.

Meanwhile, the girls are promoting the title song ‘Run Devil Run’ off their 2nd repackaged album.


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SNSD Releases Run Devil Run Story Version MV on iPhone

Black Soshi are certainly enjoying tremendous popularity on their newly revamped image for their repackaged album “Run Devil Run”. On the other hand, SM Entertainment and Neowiz bugs have collaborated to release a free and a paid version of an iPhone app for SNSD’s Run Devil Run promotion. Y’all ready for this?

The story version of SNSD’s ‘Run Devil Run‘ music video has been recently released on smart phone applications showing SNSD’s sleek and powerful image as what we saw on the end of their “Oh” MV. The music video will be released on March 31st at 3pm on SNSD’s official homepage and various music sites such as Bugs, Melon, and Dosirak.

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment has updated the application with RDR photos and exclusive videos. Undoubtedly, it’s getting good responses with smart phone users.

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SNSD endorses Nintendo DSi

It was announced on the 29th that SNSD will be fronting the new advertising campaign for the Nintendo DSi.

The girls of SNSD showed off their great commercial skills while filming for the newest ad for the DSi.

They even played around with the new game set which even has a camera that goofs up your face. The camera even has a feature called “look-a-like camera” which announced that Yuri and Seohyun are basically twins.

Taeyeon, Yuri and Seohyun also recorded their voice, replayed it and altered it around which made them enjoy themselves with their new gadget.

Nintendo’s Korean representative said, “I hope people look at SNSD and see that this is a game set that is enjoyable for all ages groups for boys and girls.”

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SNSD 1st Asia Tour Concert Book Photos!

The lovely ladies of Girls Generation/SNSD held their 1st Asia Tour Concert last month, and judging from some of the concert photos, the girls gave one hell of a show.

I hope you’re ready for some more eye candy, as photos from SNSD’s 1st Asia Tour Concert Book have recently been released. The girls look as fabulous as ever, and I’m pretty sure my heart stopped after seeing Yuri‘s shot (I’m straight, I swear. But she just has that girl crush effect on people. Ladies, back me up on this!) Taeyeon, Yoona, and Seohyun sported some sexy big hair that I actually thought looked really good.


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