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Cyndi, Ella, Jiro and Peter Ho To Be Casted In Gundam Seed Remake

Preparations made by the city of Hunan Satellite TV, emotional drama “Mobile Suit Gundam” is about to start shooting, taken over by the drama “Fated to Love You”, “Prince Turned To Frog” and many other classic Taiwanese idol drama directed by renowned director Chen Ming Zhang, this bit repeatedly created a miracle of Taiwan idol drama ratings interviewed the director told reporters that he is in a relaxed manner about filming idol drama. Cyndi SHE Fahrenheit which Peter Ho Yang Chen Gang and many other stars have joined the cast crew.(This news unconfirmed, does not mean cartoon channel 178 views)

Peter Ho said filmed before “The Storm” “Chinese small Alone,” the Japanese animated television series, so it will not feel any problems. Play in the play is actor Peter Ho master Counterattack.

According to Peter Ho said Counterattack is a very shrewd, calculating man attack. Nicknamed “Red meteor,” saying that he opened the technology of steel shells as fast as a meteor.

As the actor who plays Kira, Jiro Wang said he had been very like to watch Gundam, from Gundam 2002, the first beginning, he has been chasing. Until the latest Gundam 00, said he has seen the Movie. Jiro that Kira is not the kind of artificial simple and straightforward to the upper reaches of serious spirit, and most like his own, he has been there from Kira to find their own shadow.

Vice protagonist played Calvin said how not to read the “Gundam”, reading the script, the character of Aslan, he said okay, very play space. Because it is the feelings of the play is the four corners of love, and Aslan the role itself is very sad.

Honey Cyndi Wang plays the female lead leader, as the surface of the heroine is a singer, Cyndi voice in the play can show. But the heroine’s true identity is a group leader, in order to maintain world of justice, to Priscilla and Aslan are rope, and on.

SHE member Ella plays the hero’s sister Ka Jiali. The role itself is very masculine character, so Ella is very suitable.

Speaking of online music godfather, we are not unfamiliar. Yang Chen Gang not only play a role in the drama, the play all the music has his-sponsored. This reporter also interviewed a Mr. Yang Chengang.

A reporter asked: “just sub, have you seen Gundam it?”

Chen Gang Yang answered: “Yes, I had a habit of watching Gundam and Gundam I was destined, steel bomb was broadcast in 1979, and I was born in 1979, which is too clever, and I feel I is the new man. “laughter

Reporter joked: “How do you spend up to a character which works?”

Chen Gang Yang answered: “My favorite is the most powerful Gundam protagonist Kira.”

Reporter asked: “So just sub in which this play which will play a role?”

Chen Gang Yang answered: “I play a lot of scenes, though not the protagonist is the central figure. I play the protagonists of the commander, Brian degrees Noah.”

The reporter asked: “So you can just sub-plot disclose it? And what will not the same as the original movie it?”

Yang Chen Gang replied: “Certainly. Basically the story to film in accordance with the original, but in politics, war, ideology has injected new ideas, can people see a brand new Mobile Suit SD Gundam. Drama about the universe Jien Guo of territory, resources, desire can not be met, and invaded the Earth. As the Earth Federation Army technical rather backward, so Jien Guo territory occupied most of the Earth, also threw colonial stars Under the Earth, the Earth was as serious injury. then the federal troops finally captured Zeon Gundam robots, create your own up to the federal army, the main character Kira by chance in a riding steel shells has been working with Zeon War. It is worth mentioning that, Jien Guo people for a long time because life in the universe, almost all of the new human evolution, and earth gravity bundle because they were, did not evolve into a new breed. But Kira is the protagonist of a new man, standing in his conflict between Earth and the universe, he is raised by the Earth Dah Sing humans. This is clearly the source of the conflict by the characters described by Jin Yong Xiao Feng of the master. Kira can Xiao Feng is a type of hero. “

The reporter asked: “Will SD mean?”

Chen Gang Yang answered: “SD is short for SEED DESTINY.”

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