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Wu Chun mistaken as an SS501 member

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Rainie Yang and Wu Chun bonding just fine for latest idol drama

When boy band Fahrenheit’s Wu Chun was cast as the lead actor for the upcoming Taiwanese drama “Sunshine Angel 陽光天使” alongside Taiwanese pop princess Rainie Yang, many thought that the shy, reserved, and cool-natured Wu Chun would make an incompatible coupling with the passionately zany and attention-loving Rainie. Yet once the two famous Taiwanese entertainers embarked to Shanghai for the filming of their new idol drama, their acting took on an authentic air of sweetheart romance during shooting, and their professional relationship off camera has been remarkably warm. The duo has often been seen chatting and laughing together on the set, and not only have they been eating together frequently, but they also have flirtatious arguments and give off an affectionate vibe

Wu Chun’s cold disposition thawed by Rainie

Wu Chun has been especially much of the talk alongside female stars with frank personalities, having been in scandals with girls such as previous idol drama co-stars Ella of girl group S.H.E and Angela Chang. Co-starring with Rainie this time around, Wu Chun’s long-known cold disposition has been “thawed” by Rainie once they went abroad for shooting. For instance, prior to filming the idol drama, Rainie Yang had praised Wu Chun for being handsome. Moreover, once they started filming on location in Shanghai, since the temperature for their outdoor scenes was chilly to the point of shivering despite already being June, the two would watch over each other and also venture out together during meal breaks.

Ill-fated couple on-screen, animated pair off-screen

In the idol drama, Rainie plays a pure, kind-hearted, and easy-going girl who encounters an unconventional Wu Chun. The two of them have many scenes with conflicts, one which involves them in a shabby area eating commoner food as they scowl at each other like an ill-fated couple. But once the cameras stop filming, Wu Chun would commence with his teasing at Rainie’s expense. He would also quickly say “You’re dumb!” to Rainie, and when she asks what he just said, Wu Chun would lie by saying that he told her “You’re beautiful!” Furthermore, since Wu Chun’s real name is Wu Ji Zun, Rainie came up with the nickname “Xiao Ji” to Wu Chun, which progressed their relationship much further.

Wu Chun’s management commented that Rainie knows how to create an atmosphere, and that she would often tell jokes to everyone on the spot. Furthermore, his management commented that Wu Chun has been easy to get along with, as both him and Rainie have been interacting with each other like any regular encounter. Whether there’s any sort of romance involved, Wu Chun’s management is not aware of any. Rainie’s management added by explaining that the both of them are simply good friends that work close together and bond well with each other, and that people should not look at their professional relationship too deeply.


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Ella is one of the candidates for being a girlfriend, Wu Zun discusses criteria for his other half

Being in the industry for a few yrs, Wu Zun’s rumoured girlfriends are ever changing. From Ariel Lin to Ah Sa, to Angela Zhang, even Wu Zun laughed and said, “Who i’m supposed to have, I have all of them already.” No matter if she’s funny or cute, seems like all the different sort of characters a female is supposed to have, she’s included in the list already. And recently, the one that is most exposed would be the “rather boyish” Ella. Ella, who seemed as though she can only be “good brothers” with Wu Zun, can also actually be one of the candidates of being his girlfriend. He said, “Actually, she is a very caring and responsible girl. It’s not definite that being friends is the only option.” Not only Ella, Wu Zun expressed that actually, other female artistes can also be possible of being a girlfriend. “Actually, all of them can have the possibility of being a girlfriend, it’s only depending on whether I have the feel.”

Even though the rumours haven’t stopped, ever since Wu Zun entered the industry, he has been single. However, Wu Zun, who has been having a good career doesn’t feel any regrets on being single. “My schedules are already packed to the brim, and moreover, there are very few girls who would be able to accept being together with her boyfriend, seeing him for less than a month in a year. Even on Valentine’s Day, we’re unable to spend it together, so let nature take its course .” He who has good looks, admits that when choosing a girlfriend, he doesn’t really look at the appearance of a girl. Being honest and responsible is more important to him. He said, “Because i don’t like girls who are pretentious, being a little innocent would be better, she would then be willing to share with me anything.”

Translated by : babyval22 @ CEFC

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Ella Declines Getting Wu Chun to Teach Malay Songs

from the left: Ella, Selina, Hebe

Ella Declines Getting Wu Chun to Teach Malay Songs

During the press conference, Ella appeared “almost expressionless” and unhappy throughout. Despite Selina and Hebe tried to keep talking about happy matters animatedly, Ella did not seem to be influenced by them. There would even be times when she turned slightly away, seemingly deep in her own thoughts.

Shortly, when reporters asked if Ella was still very affected by the media’s malign of the unhappiness with [Down With Love]’s Director, Ella just said, “Everything’s fine.” This puts a stop to further questions on the topic.

Nonetheless when sharing on their concert, Ella is still very professional in promoting. She shared that the concert promises a visual treat for all, be it in costumes or contents of the programmes. There will be new breakthroughs for all of them. Meanwhile seldom seen in dresses, Ella will also be wearing a dress during the opening of the concert to showcase her femininity and dances in heels. Ella shared that she is full of admiration for female artistes who could do dances on heels. Hearing this, Selina and Hebe immediately looked proud and arrogant, causing a funny sight. This concert is organized by Galaxy Entertainment and sponsored by Hotlink.

Dare Not Challenge Malay Songs

S.H.E once sang a Cantonese song for their Hong Kong concert to the delight of Hong Kong fans, hence reporters asked if they planned to sing a Malay song for Malaysian fans.

Ella answered frankly, “This is a big challenge!” Being frequent guests of Malaysia, the trio is already very familiar with Malay greetings. Ella already showcased her flair when she said, “Tuan-Tuan dan Puan-Puan, Terima Kasih, Aku Cinta Pada Mu*(vaguely translated as “Ladies & Gentlemen”, “Thank you” and “I love you”)” and even sang a few lines of “Selamat Hari Jadi (Happy Birthday), and Rasa Sayang…”. But when it comes to singing a complete Malay song for their concert in Malaysia, the trio felt that it is probably mission impossible. The host of the event then suggested to Ella that she could look to Wu Chun for lessons and she asked in return, “Doesn’t Wu Chun speaks Brunei language instead?” It was only then she realized that the Brunei’s Malay and Malaysia’s Malay are fairly similar. Then Ella declined the suggestion by saying, “Wu Chun should be very busy.”


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